Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pack it in!

The back half of this month is filled with a ton of great events focused on Movember, Entertainment, and great drink specials to lube it all up.

Don't miss out on the Ladies Night specials tomorrow night...2 for 1 champagne for $5 to benefit Movember fundraising. And we have our "Beards Vs Moustaches Trivia Night Showdown" on Friday night with a ton of prizes you can booze!!

Stay tuned and get involved. We love this time of year as family and friends return for the holidays and we get to see familiar faces in the bar. Next Wednesday night is always a good opportunity to run into old schoolmates and friends before they dive into turkey comas for the weekend.

See you at the BLCC!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get Involved

It's a Trivia Showdown...benefitting Movember.

Facial hair related prizes.

Drink Specials.

Class for days.

188 California Avenue

Do it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reno Tahoe!!

Big Thanks for the wonderful plug from our friends at Reno-Tahoe USA

Check out the post here

Fall specials and more are highlighted.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moustache Is King!!

MOVEMBER 2012 is about to BEGIN!!

If you aren't already familiar with Movember, please feel free to check it out here and get up to speed. In a nutshell: the month of November is from here on out called "Movember", and we encourage all men to take advantage of their God-Given ability to sport the mustache all month long…and all women to "back the stache" by your involvement in the cause. The idea is that (unless you are like me and start early), the moustache is a talking point, inspiring people to ask the age-old question, "Why?". Well, therein lies the opportunity to spread the word and raise awareness about how cancer, specifically those types of cancer that seem to target men like prostate and testicular cancer, affect us ALL.  I encourage you to check out the websites and inform yourselves about how many people are diagnosed and affected by this disease every year. For example, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer! Obviously, the cause needs no further support, and although my own father was lost to brain cancer, my efforts in this fundraiser hit close to home, and I feel that I am doing my best to fight a good fight that truly can be won. 

What I would like from you is simply your involvement in this cause. Even if you don't donate, you don't grow your facial hair, or you don't want to spend your time on this, I understand. Simply follow us, stay in tune with our efforts, and show your support as best you can. Here's how you can help in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to my Mospace and register to join my team: [From here you can choose to make donations to our fundraiser, invite your friends and family, and find out more about how WONDERFULLY this organization manages the money…last year alone they raised over $126 Million towards fighting cancer!]

2. "Like" our Facebook Movember Page:  [By clicking "Like" on the page, our calendar of awesome events and the friendly competition that we have called "Beards vs Moustaches" will show up in your FB news feed. We would love to get you into the BLCC to participate in any of the fun stuff we have planned, but we absolutely promise not to be spammy or irritating…that behavior is just not befitting a gentleman/lady of our nature…we are all about class, sophistication, and finely appointed facial hair]

3. Spread the word!! Share this email with those you know who would want to get involved with such a great cause. Come and join us at one of our events next month…we have many to choose from and will be adding more shortly. We will have special moustache-related movie screenings, special live entertainment and of course the end of the month is our big blowout "Hats and Jackets" party, and is always a great time. (If you check your calendars, this event will be right after the "Egan Cup" bowling tournament at the National Bowling Stadium, so you can count on an AWESOME Friday night after Thanksgiving, with tons of family, friends, and frivolity). 

One last teaser to tempt you into moustache glory: There are several Movember hosted contests throughout the month, and by simply raising money, you can win some pretty sweet prizes, including an invitation to the Movember Gala in San Francisco. Last year our team had several prize winners, and I know that this year we have the potential to be the best team in Northern Nevada. Please help!!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this email, and for your support of Movember 2012!

-Brian Egan, Co-Owner of the Biggest Little City Club

Monday, October 29, 2012

Seasonal Changes at the BLCC

With the fall colors changing throughout the Truckee Meadows, so come the vibrant changes at Reno’s own Biggest Little City Club on California Avenue. Lighting up the corner of Sierra and Plumas Streets, the newly remodeled and vibrant patio of the BLCC was recently completed by locally renowned fabricator Paolo Cividino’s company, Tutto Ferro. Clean lines of Batu wood line the walls and the seating, and the elegantly understated steel framed awning is marked along the perimeter by planter boxes filled with evergreen bamboo, wisteria, and other local varietals. Eye-catching to the passers-by, this patio now provides a secluded hideaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown’s professional office core.

Planned in early November is the addition of a multi-zone outdoor-heater canopy that will allow all of the friendly patrons of the BLCC to enjoy an indoor warmth while still basking in the beautiful and sunny outdoor environment that attracts us all to the Reno-Tahoe region.

And while the neighborhood watering hole, adjacent to and served by Blue Moon Pizza, is making significant changes to their appearance, the attention to detail has actually begun from further within the establishment. This Thursday, November 1st, the BLCC is hosting a “Fall Menu” tasting party, for newcomers and old friends and family alike to have a hosted opportunity to sample some of the cutting edge seasonal cocktail offerings and seasonal beer selections that are new to the bar. They encourage anyone in the neighborhood to stop by and allow their very knowledgeable, courteous and hard-working staff to show off their products, starting at 8pm.

The Biggest Little City Club is owned by Reno natives Brian Ligon and Brian Egan, and is proud to employ Michael Moberly as their Assistant Manager, Nico Bazan as the Night Shift Supervisor, and bartenders Amanda Buell, Kameron Morgan, Kellen Quinlan and Kaitlin Bryson. Weekly specials and wonderful entertainment are a constant, and the month of November will be filled with a fun and contagious charitable focus on battling cancer through the participation in a global fundraising effort called “Movember” – fighting men’s related cancers by sporting a moustache and helping raise awareness and funds! Stay tuned to The BLCC Facebook Page for your opportunity to get involved!

All media inquiries can be directed to info (at) biggestlittlecityclub (dot) com

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Dollar!?!?

In case you didn't know...tonight...every Tuesday night, for that matter...all Well Drinks are only $1.

Enough said.

Get to the BLCC.